New product line

cleaning products brand nimfa
The production sector of the company "Nimfa" has been replenished with "Alpha" concentrates - new high-quality cleaning products. The word concentrate comes from the Latin language from "concentratus", which means "concentration". Solutions of increased concentration are used to obtain an original solution ready for use. The production of concentrated substances makes it possible to achieve high optimization of production and economical use of physical resources - electricity, equipment, materials for the manufacture of containers and packaging. Due to this, concentrates are characterized by such distinctive qualities as several times the effectiveness of the substance and a more optimal cost of the product.

The formulation and technology of production of concentrates is carried out according to the basic scheme of production of the original product, while maintaining quality characteristics and environmental safety. The use of concentrated funds is ideal for cleaning companies, since it is in this area that the consumption of resources is the highest. Concentrates are also the best option for companies that own a large number of office, retail, public and warehouse premises in which it is necessary to maintain an indicative cleanliness.

The range of new products includes concentrated dishwashing detergents, cleaning of any premises, liquid concentrated hand soaps "Karmen" and "Malvina", made on the basis of the original recipe, and which are suitable not only for washing hands, but also for cleaning any surfaces. Branded aromatic essences obtained from natural ingredients are used for the production of concentrates. In the list of traditional compositions in the production of "Nimfa", fruit - apple and citrus fruits are used; berry - extracts of Far Eastern lingonberries and strawberries; original workings of mint, aloe, willow and wildflowers. These compounds are environmentally friendly and renewable resources, which ensures the safety of production for the environment. In addition, the use of natural ingredients allows you to use the products of the company "Nimfa" for those who have allergic reactions to synthetic components and flavors.